When you have a clear vision – whether it’s to do with work, your personal life, or both – you feel better and more purposeful. Knowing where you want to go and how you’re going to get there reduces stress, enhances overall wellbeing, and provides increased clarity, allowing you to focus on using your strengths to succeed.

Busy home and work lives, however, often make it difficult to carve out the time we need to achieve this clarity and develop our vision. We keep working and living the day-to-day, caught up in a never-ending cycle of activity that doesn’t necessarily satisfy or fulfill us.

Redressing the Balance

At HeadNorth Coaching, we give our clients the time and space to reflect, helping them to unearth their creative wisdom and identify the way forward. Whether you’re a start-up entrepreneur, an established business executive, an employee, or someone who wants direction in their personal life, we can help.

Established by Sophie Irwin in 2013, HeadNorth Coaching provides tailor-made coaching and mentoring sessions to individuals and teams across the UK and Ireland. Working with financial institutions, architectural clients, as well as the hospitality, construction and textile industries, she delivers everything from one-to-one sessions, to larger group programmes for anything from 10-500 people.

Services include:

Executive Coaching

Life Coaching

Team Coaching

Team coaching for businesses (looking at productivity, trust, collaboration, accountability, strategy alignment, confidence-building, goal-setting)

No matter what areas of your professional or personal life you would like to develop, HeadNorth Coaching will help to channel your energy in the right places. Passionate about people and encouraging them to use their talents, Sophie provides professional services that are backed up by almost 20 years of HR and coaching experience.

Brimming with creativity and always full of ideas, she is adept at challenging her clients to re-evaluate their lives and see things from a fresh perspective. The result? They feel empowered, passionate, driven and motivated to succeed – and are equipped with the insight they need to fulfill their goals.

Coaching with Sophie changed my life! I undertook weekly coaching sessions following a particularly stressful year in work which had started to impact other aspects of my life as well. It was a new concept to me and I was unsure what to expect however the sessions with Sophie were very well structured and consisted of series of steps that helped me recognise, rationalise and ultimately take ownership over the things in my life which had been causing me stress and which up until then had seemed to be outside of my control. I learned a lot through these sessions and it has helped me achieve a more balanced personal life and career, it has helped me to realise what my actual life goals are and how to pursue them, and it has also provided me with an understanding of how to address the ‘unknowns’, the obstacles which are put in your way by others and how to find the positive aspects of life! I would thoroughly recommend Sophie to anyone who feels they could do with some help in navigating the complexities of modern life! DC : Creative Team Leader : Belfast